A5xn: Dalla Rosa Gallery, London

27 January - 18 February 2017
dalla Rosa gallery presents their largest group exhibition to date, a project made possible by 15 artists who were invited to produce new work within the A5 size .

Compact in dimensions, these pieces are a concentrate of each artist's practice and together they present a cross section of new directions and interests, which create an interplay between different techniques. From photographs painted with inks, to traditional sign-making, and oil and acrylics on paper, A5xn sets out to prove that flexibility and knowledge of materials are shared values, even if the application can be diametrically different.


An exhibition of A5 work by 15 artists:

Hannah Rae Alton | Veronica Bailey | Jessie Brennan | Benjamin Bridges | Hannah Brown | Richard Ducker | Amy Goodwin | Fiona Grady | Terry Greene | Anne Harild | Catrin Morgan | Charley Peters | Kasper Pincis | Irene Vidal Cal | David Webb


For the exhibition Fiona Grady presented some of the first Colour Wheel watercolours.


Installation Views