Reflection: The Cello Factory, London

10 - 21 October 2021
Reflection is an exploration of the diverse mediums which contemporary artists utilise light in their practises and how these materials react to light - curated by Alexander Hinks.

Light is necessary for our vision and perception - it is integral to our lives as we seek to interpret the world around us. Throughout history artists have deployed many processes in their consideration of light. In these present times, we have an abundance of materials and technology at our disposal to probe and experiment further. This exhibition celebrates a multitude of approaches employed by contemporary artists working with light.


 “The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled. Each evening we see the sun set. We know that the earth is turning away from it. Yet the knowledge, the explanation, never quite fits the sight.” 
John Berger, Ways of Seeing 


Artists: Christina Augustesen, Paul Bonomini, Sibéal Colley, Alison Goodyear, Fiona Grady, Susan Gunn, Susan Haire, Alexandra Harley, Alexander Hinks, Judith Jones, Anna Lytridou, Genetic Moo, Sirpa Pajunen-Moghissi, Simon Pike, Sumi Perera, Michael Petry, Charley Peters, Anna Reading, Paul Tecklenberg, Chris Wood, Andrea V Wright


For the exhibition, Fiona Grady created a site-responsive window installation Cross Sections (Autumn) in the main windows of The Cello Factory.

Installation Views