Colour, Order, System: Sid Motion Gallery, London

23 June - 28 July 2017

Sid Motion Gallery is pleased to present Colour, Order, System, a group exhibition which includes the work of four artists: new paintings by Sue Kennington and Richie Culver, a specially commissioned window piece by Fiona Grady, and paintings and sculpture by Roland Hicks.

The exhibition brings together artists who favour colour, form, light and composition in their practice. Beyond their exploration of colour, each artist presents works within the conceptual knowledge of the "real" or a grid or system - yet it is the introduction of chaos to those structures that allows each to achieve their vision.


Sue Kennington's small, powerful paintings reach for the limits and possibilities of how colour can be used as an emotive visual. Using esoteric systems, repetitions and asymmetries, she emphasises colour juxtaposition as an agent of light - as well as encounters between rational and intuitive thinking, acknowledging the connectedness between artist and environment, rural and urban, system and chaos.


Richie Culver has an exploratory and improvisational approach to tensions between cultural and social opposites: provincial vs. cosmopolitan; cash-strapped vs. affluent; art museum highs vs.  street-cultural lows. His primitively executed paintings delve into surfaces and textures, using everyday materials. While new paintings are on show here, his work can range from gritty documentary photography to text-based works and sculpture.


Fiona Grady creates large site-responsive drawings in space, most often on walls, windows and floors, using sequences of geometric shapes and grids. These spatial systems are composed from repetitions that expand in proportion and direction, recognizing the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration. Works on paper compliment her site-specific drawings.


Roland Hicks' hyperreal works are an amalgamation of paintings, collage, sculpture and trompe l'oeil reliefs. Concerned with both the beautiful and banal, his works infuse dualities; sincere yet playful, abstract yet figurative/photographic, simulated and genuine. While referencing masters of art history, he introduces an element of absurdity, yet his resolutions are simple, vibrant studies of colour, material and surface.


Installation Views