Mono : An Exhibition of Unique Prints: Flowers Gallery, London

7 July - 9 September 2017
An exhibition of unique prints at Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road exploring the variety of approaches artists use to create monoprints and monotypes.

Flowers Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition featuring unique prints by over thirty artists, many of whom work primarily in other media. The term monoprint or monotype is applied to prints that are completely unique, of which only a single copy is produced. This way of working often allows the artist freedom to explore new ideas and techniques which may then go on to inform their wider practice.


Artists include: George Blacklock, Samantha Cary, Stephen Chambers, Prunella Clough, Eileen Cooper, William Crozier, Ken Currie, Betsy Dadd, Bob Edgson, Julia Farrer, Anthony Frost, Terry Frost, Naum Gabo, Fiona Grady, Susie Hamilton, Tom Hammick, Nicola Hicks, Peter Howson, Albert Irvin, Alice Irwin, Claerwen, James, Lucy Jones, John Keane, John Kirby, John Loker, John McLean, Lisa Nicchi, Freya Payne, Tom Phillips, Carol Robertson, Michael Sandle, Tai Shan Schierenberg, Francesca Simon, Richard Smith, Arturo di Stefano, Trevor Sutton, Alison Watt, George Young.


"All of my prints feed into my overall drawing practice, both on paper and as installations. I visit the print studio regularly to test out composition, colour and pattern. The ideas explored in the print studio often appear in the wall and window drawings. Screenprinting in particular is very immediate and provides me with the opportunity to think through an idea via multiple variations of the same structure.


The 'Arc' prints are the most literal translation of the idea of a monoprint created using a compass and drawing system. I'm interested in the qualities of line created by drawing tools. The compass enforce a rule or structure to the line, however this rigidity is exploited by the ink medium and the weave of the paper.  The monoprint process picks up all traces of pressure; therefore what would normally be a hard line is softened by the action of drawing in this medium. The traces of the artist's hand can be seen on the surface of the paper and tell tale details such as the pin prick of the compasses point. Many of my prints are made in sets that explore of growing intervals of circles with warming or cooling tones of colour."  

- Fiona Grady

Installation Views