Watch "Being in Architecture" - a short film about Fiona Grady's Residency
April 20, 2021

Watch this insight into Fiona Grady's Artist Residency at Passengers located in London's iconic Brunswick Centre. Fiona speaks about her new window installation 'Vanishing Points', her mirror walks, and concrete screenprints inspired by the stepped architecture of the Brunswick's A frame structure.


During her residency Grady developed her research project 'Vanishing Points'. The title is a nod to the compositional technique commonly used to create perspective drawings that allows lines to converge at an endpoint. She looked to blur the reality of the physical space, exploring its ability to channel light and colour, stripping back to the fundamental structure of the building's core design. Fiona shares her experiences and creative responses, inspired by her time with us in The Brunswick Centre in the video.


The film is commissioned by Passengers Directed by Sam Hailey and produced by Hiten Media. With thanks to Julie F Hill and Kevin at Gauld Architects for their generority and support for the project.