Stained glass window inspired artworks for the virtual gallery

Fiona Grady is taking part in AORA Gallery's latest exhibition. For the virtual gallery she has created a series of 'stained glass' windows.


Akin to stained glass her artworks for AORA Luminous echoes are a series of window panels composed from a warm palette of yellow, orange, red and pink intersecting triangles. Using colours that we associate with the sun, her artworks are a glowing source of light, custom-made for the virtual gallery.  She seeks to use the softness of light to create an ambient and spiritual space within AORA. 


As you travel through the main gallery hall you experience the windows as pairs that led you to the final omnipresent large glass window panel that can be observed at the end of the hall. You can see and experience each pair of window panes in concentration, each set has a different tone, and each stained glass panel is unique. The complementary tones all appear in the final large glass window which is a composite of all the colour themes and textures created by the interlocking shapes. The works sit between the virtual and real world. These artworks are contained within the digital gallery but explore the possibilities of Fiona Grady’s work on a grand scale.




In AORA:VI we explore the expansive theme of 'light', how it at once may be associated with levity and humour, hope and luminosity, radiance and shadow. Exploring its cyclicality and varying global associations, AORA:VI brings together across its four halls emerging to established artists working in a myriad of mediums, enabling also the digital creation of ambitious site-responsive works. Overall, this chapter explores a topic close to AORA's heart, expanding on its mission to build in the digital world with soul, and combine art, architecture and more to instil a sense of calm, wellbeing and discovery.


Exhibiting Artists: Amy Bernstein, Betsey Bradley, Jyll Bradley, Nicholas Byrne, Sofía Clausse, Fiona Grady, Guy Haddon-Grant, Julie F Hill, Rachel Howard, Isabel Martinez, Han Mengyun, Liz Nielsen, Katja Larsson, Emilie Pugh, Filippo Sciascia, Ben Stephenson, Charwei Tsai, Tromarama, Franciso Valdés

June 30, 2022