Radiant Auras

Solo Exhibition for the Eye Sees x SUMMER in Lyon, France

SUMMER, 1 Place Gailleton, 69002 Lyon, France

10 November 2022 - 10 January 2023


Fiona Grady has been commissioned to take part in a new initiative by the Eye Sees. 

As the first PAssAGE artist, Fiona Grady designed a new window installation Radiant Auras for the shop frontage at SUMMER in Lyon. Based in the centre Lyon's Bellecour, a busy shopping district. This artwork is a follow up to LUX her collaboration with The Eye Sees in 2019 which also used street level windows in the heart of Arles.




After four great years at Rue du 4 Septembre, The Eye Sees leaves Arles to become an itinerant gallery - scouting interesting venues to present the work of exciting established or emerging artists.


Our first stop, our 'PAssAGE 1', is the glorious city of Lyon. We have decided to team up with our good friends Summer in their shop to present RADIANT AURAS, a brand new vinyl installation by British artist Fiona Grady on the windows of the store, 1 Place Gailleton in the 2nd arrondissement. This first PAssAGE is our second collaboration with the artist - she was the fifth guest of our Entractes programme back in 2019 in Arles.

Born into a family of mathematicians, Fiona always employs a systematic approach to intervene within a space. Through her use of light, colour, shape, surface and scale, her colourful geometric artworks transform their setting and provide a unique response to the specifics of the place in which they are located. Activated by changes in the direction and intensity of daylight Grady's work quietly marks the passing of time.


This colourful presentation runs simultaneously with Manifesto of fragility, the 16th Lyon Art Biennale.

November 10, 2022