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Images © Fiona Grady
Waves of Light, 2021
Site-specific vinyl window installation
Dimensions vary

Created for St Charles Centre for Health and Well-being in West London.  Commissioned by Nightingale Projects and NHS Central and North West London Trust.

This two phase commission for Nightingale Projects includes a series of window installations and wall drawings bring life to three main corridors and the Thames Ward an acute inpatient mental health ward at St Charles Centre for Health and Well-being in West London.

The designs activate the windows of the public corridors in the building. The artworks are situated in between spaces that lacked character and ambiance. The installations have brighten and enliven the corridors with the aim of enhancing the environment for the staff and patients who work and live in the wards.

Each of the hospital ward is named after famous rivers around the world. Fiona’s designs imagine the ripples, waves and flows of water running through the building using curved lines and altering colour palettes to create movement and subtle variety around the hospital.

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