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Photography by Andy Keate
Triangulations, 2022
Vinyl window installation and vinyl wallpaper
Dimensions vary

Created for Guy’s Hospital, London for a pioneering Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Ward. Commissioned by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Arts NHS Foundation Trust.

The window and wall interventions are composed from overlapping triangles which are layered to create a kaleidoscope of colours. The abstracted motifs are non-representational; they integrate within the architecture of the building to create a pattern of organic geometric forms. When illuminated by direct sunlight, the transparent coloured vinyl shapes cast coloured shadows around the ward. The artworks provide subtle forms of visual stimulation; the colours will move with the changing light of day to enhance the environment in a meditative and intriguing manner. The ambient colour palette complements the pastel and earthy tones of the surrounding interior to create focal points that invoke colours found in nature.

The driving purpose behind the unit’s design is to create an age-appropriate environment, specifically for older teenagers and young adults, that is welcoming and relaxed, and which encourages social interaction and support above and beyond the medical treatment of each individual’s cancer. Given the highly-regulated nature of the clinical space, the project is focused on achieving this through the interior design and integration of art into the fabric of the space.

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