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Images © Dean Brannagan 
Shatterproof, 2020
Site-specific vinyl window installation
Dimensions 2.7 m x 6.5 m (approx)

Created for 312-314 Kings Road, London as part of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week October 2020 

Crisp triangular motifs in enticing colours, criss-cross this site-specific vinyl window installation, designed especially for the festival. Golden triangles reflect the surrounding streetscapes, drawing parallels with the architectural details of local buildings and enlivening the vista for the passers - by. Grady explores ‘the relationship between what’s going on outside and what is happening inside’, playing with the shape of a space, available light sources, and its connection to its environment.

Chelsea Windows is a collaboration between artists, designers and retailers as part of KCAW 2020 and Sloane Stanley is very pleased to be part of this alongside many of our retailers. We are especially excited to be able to sponsor this work by Fiona Grady and continue our longstanding commitment to promoting arts and culture in the area.

The Sloane Stanley Estate has been part of Chelsea for over 300 years, starting with the purchase of land in the then rural Chelsea by William Sloane. Today we provide homes for businesses and people in over 250 shops and flats, owned and managed by the Estate.
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