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Rendered Invisible, 2016
Slide projection on handmade egg tempera wall drawing
Dimensions vary

Rendered Invisible an ongoing project - the aim is to experiment with the spatial abilities of drawing, through the creation of visual collages containing elements of traditional and contemporary drawing practice, using old and new media.

The project explores the three-dimensional potential of drawing. The artist has created an ambient series of wall drawings that were illuminated by slide projections. These appear in the form of static and/or moving collages of light and colour created by hand made slides. The slides are made using cut perspex plastic or transparent vinyl. Projected at a large scale the cut line of plastic appears to be crude etched marks. Whilst every bubble and piece of fluff caught in the vinyl is expanded to suggest of a biological forms. The light projections at times brighten and overpower the tempera drawings until they became invisible. These artworks have been presented at The Art House, Tannery Project Space and Saturation Point Studio. 

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