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Meeting Points, 2021
Site-specific vinyl window installation
Dimensions vary

Created for Artwalk Wakefield at The Ridings Skylight in Wakefield, UK.

Installed on the skylight windows of Wakefield’s Ridings Shopping Centre and composed from translucent coloured vinyls, in direct sunlight, Meeting Points projects colourful shadows around the busy shopping centre.

Weaving around the atrium’s skylight windows each ‘triangle’ is composed of three separate pieces of vinyl that sit within consecutive runs of glazing bars. The colour palette is taken from the nearby Wakefield Cathedral’s spectacular stained glass windows. Fiona's installations offer a contemporary approach to glass making, moving away from traditional stained glass, using geometric motifs that will form a site-responsive relationship with their surroundings.

Commissioned by Artwalk Wakefield. The Artwalk is coordinated by The Art House and programmed by the team and other organisations, community groups and artists in Wakefield.

This artwork is open to the public - click here for vistor information.

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