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London Style, 2020
Site-specific installation using Haru washi tape
Dimensions vary

This large-scale installation has been created for the Nishura East Showroom, near Westbourne Grove.

London Style is inspired by the geometric designs seen on the London Underground and public transport system. The interacting triangles reference the geometric tiles, painted zone grids and use of colour to create visual signage and enhance the station environment. The London underground map and it's colour palette are iconic - it's hard to see the 'corporate' colour scheme without thinking of the particular lines they are associated with. They supersede the need to use words / understand the language to be able to follow a route.

The artist explains:
“In my artwork I wanted to explore how to use the Haru tape to create a mosaic effect. Each of the triangles is the same size, they are pieced together to invite interaction between the individual shapes forming larger triangles, diamonds and moving lines. The horizontal base of gold stabilises the overlapping shapes. The six colours of triangles are from the Endless Ocean and Lipstick Haru ranges. There is a dynamism between the interaction of the colours and where the translucent forms meet new tones are found. “

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