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Fractured Visions, 2017
Digital animations presented at St Mary's in the Castle, Hastings
Dimensions vary

A solo exhibition commissioned for Coastal Currents Art and Culture Festival.

'Fractured Visions' was a site-specific installation using digital projections; and a series of related works on paper. The exhibition was directly inspired by the architecture of the crypt gallery; containing drawings that are created from observations of the building and also drawings that are made by the building. The ink drawings interpret the negative space of the internal corridors, arches and vanishing points. They emphasise the repetition of structure; highlighting the ambient surroundings. The patterns identified in these drawings, are mimicked in the second element of the exhibition a two digital projections, contained within the rear crypt. The projections display fractured blocks of light, that cut across the surface of the stone walls to emphasise the notion the building is a vessel that dictates and fragments our vision.
Photos © Alexander Brattell

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