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Cross Sections, 2018
Site responsive vinyl window and screenprinted installation
Dimensions vary

‘Cross Sections’ was a site-responsive exhibition that explored the relationship between interior and exterior spaces in a public setting. Using the double surface of Glass Cloud Gallery’s window based space Grady worked directly onto the windows and walls to create a three dimensional drawing. The artwork is composed of hand cut vinyl on the windows, and pasted screenprints on the walls, mimicking advertising and sign posters. The layers of the geometric shapes allowed a visual illusion to occur as an artwork that seemingly ‘moves’ when the viewer walks past it. The urban scenery was reflected on the windows to draw parallels between the motifs of the artwork and the architectural details of the surrounding buildings. Occupying an advertising space, the installation questioned the use of graphic language in public spaces, asking where the line is drawn between advertising, street art and design? The exhibition recognized the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration to celebrate the use of public venues as an experimental site for the creation of new artworks.

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