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Close to Home

Group Exhibition at JGM Gallery, London
11 August - 25 September 2021

Close to Home brings together works by 10 contemporary British and Australian Aboriginal artists who visualise the metaphysical link between the subconscious mind and the world we inhabit.

Conceived during lockdown, the exhibition is curated by artists Fiona Grady, Linda Hemmersbach and Hannah Luxton in response to our collective gaze turning inwards to our everyday environments.

Close to Home installation view 2021
Artists L-R: Linda Hemmersbach, Fiona Grady and Lindsay Malay

In this altered time, our gaze has been turned inwards to our immediate environment. Staring at this restricted view we can begin to see more clearly and we are reminded to be grateful for the smallest of things. We can witness the miracle of each moment; feel the everyday sublime. Meanwhile, our minds transport us to our internal world of memories, hopes and dreams, and keep us rooted in our beliefs.

- curators Fiona Grady, Linda Hemmersbach and Hannah Luxton

Australian Aboriginal artists create works about 'Country' the land, sea and sky, flora and fauna in their world. With over 150 different language groups across the most remote areas of the vast Australian continent, home is the natural world that surrounds them. Artists paint their stories based around  ancient traditions that make up the 65,000 year old culture. These selected artists demonstrate a small example of the Aboriginal visual language that helps to pass on their culture to younger generations.

Exhibited artists: 
Fiona Grady | Linda Hemmersbach | Joanna Kirk  | Minnie Lumai | Hannah Luxton | Lindsay Malay  | Mr R Peters | Maria Teresa Ortoleva | Kittey Malarvie | Deborah Tchoudjinoff 

About JGM Gallery:
JGM Gallery was founded in London in 2017 by Australian born, Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, a leading specialist in Australian Indigenous art with over 20 years experience in this field. Jennifer has established a solid reputation as being the “go to” source for the most distinguished Australian contemporary Aboriginal art in the United Kingdom. Today, JGM Gallery, has a broader platform as an important exhibition platform for enriching contemporary art, exhibiting Australian Indigenous Art of exceptional quality alongside the work of very significant contemporary British and international artists.

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Photos © Ben Deakin and JGM Gallery
‘Close to Home’ includes a range of painting, installation and new media work by 10 artists based in Europe and Australia.


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