Image: Installation of ‘Kaleidoscope’ at Broadgate, London 2018 Courtesy of Dean Brannagan

Artist Statement

Fiona Grady creates site-responsive drawings on walls, windows and floors using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. The artworks are spatial systems composed from repeating intervals that expand in proportion or direction. The use of repetition is a means to set in place an unconscious balance or understanding, that can be interrupted by the introduction of a changeable factor. This challenges the viewers reading of the drawing asking them to consider its internal logic. 

Her practice recognizes the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration; often using traditional mediums in a modern context. She plays with light, surface and scale; each piece changes with the light of day emphasizing the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work. The artworks are imaginings of how light moves throughout a space, stretching and rotating with the throughout the day. However she does not seek to literally map light but instead create rhythms; the blocks of colour act as a vessel that pinpoints the viewers’ presence within their setting and allows them to contemplate their surroundings.

To compliment her site-specific artworks, she creates works on paper that explore the artistic process further. 

She lives and works in London.


Born 1984, Leeds, UK

MA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London, 2010 - 2011
BA (Hons) Fine Art, Cardiff School of Art and Design, University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, 2004 – 2007
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Leeds College of Art and Design, 2003 – 2004

2019     LUX, The Eye Sees, Arles, France
2019      Spectra Waves, North Gallery at University of Brighton, Brighton, UK
2018      Kaleidoscope, Broadgate, London, UK
2018      Shadow Play, Chapter Gallery Art in the Bar, Cardiff, UK
2017       Light Shifts, The Tin part of the Coventry Biennial Programme, Coventry, UK
2017       Fractured Visions, St Marys in the Castle, Hastings, UK
2017       The Movements, Adhoc, Bochum, Germany
2016       Rendered Invisible, The Art House, Wakefield, UK
2015       Tempered Deflections, Footfall Art, London, UK
2014       Fields of Light, Barbican Arts Trust, London, UK

2019       Creekside Open, APT Gallery, London, UK selected by Brian Griffiths
2019       One of One, 163 Gallery, London, UK curated by After Projects
2019       Drawing Biennial 2019, Drawing Room, London, UK
2019       London Art Fair, Flowers Gallery Stand, London, UK
2018       Small is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, London, UK
2018       Matérias Primas, PADA Gallery,  Barriero, Lisbon, Portugal
2018       Defining Structure, Cello Factory, London, UK
2018       Dialogues: Fiona Grady, Tess Jaray, Bridget Riley and Carol Robertson, Flowers Gallery, London, UK
2018       Dentons Art Prize, Dentons, London, UK
2018        Shapes: Fiona Grady + Stephen Jaques, Cannon Place, London, UK curated by ArtMoorHouse
2018       Light in Plenty, Shadow in Plenty: Yukako Shibata + Fiona Grady, White Conduit Projects, London, UK
2018       Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti, Griffin Gallery Perimeter Space, London, UK
2018       The Pink Panther Show, Gallery 46, London, UK curated by Dateagleart and Evangeline Ling
2018       Expanding Systems, APT Gallery, London, UK
2017       Notes on Painting, Koppel Projects, London, UK
2017       A Many Sided Thing, Wimbledon Space, UK
2017       Mono, Flowers Gallery, London, UK
2017       Colour, Order, System, Sid Motion Gallery, London, UK
2017       Inside the Shadow, Art House1, London, UK
2017       Shaping the Void II, Tannery Arts Project Space, London, UK
2017       A5 x n, dalla Rosa Gallery, London, UK
2016       Exchange Rates - a Sluice Project hosted by Arte 3 (USA) / Saturation Point (UK), New York, USA  
2016       Shaping the Void, Bankley Gallery, Manchester, UK
2016       STEAM: Ahead, South Square Gallery, Thornton, UK
2016       The Overview Effect, Lewisham Art House, London, UK
2016       Youth Uncovered, Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK
2016       Prison Drawing Project, Scarborough Old Town Prison, Scarborough, UK
2015       Beyond Repetition, Bowery Gallery, Leeds, UK
2015       Schichtwechsel, APT Gallery, London, UK
2015       The Imaginary Museum: Monuments and Landmarks, Leeds City Museum and Leeds University, Leeds - selected by Louise Atkinson
2015       Spatial Centres, Projektraum, Am Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany
2014       Again, From Here, Harts Lane Studio, London, UK
2014       A Restless Geometry, Union 105 Gallery at East Street Arts, Leeds, UK - curated by The International 3
2014       Geometric Sequences, HUSK Gallery, London, UK
2014       neo:print prize 2014, neo:gallery 22, Bolton, UK – selected by Gordon Cheung, David Cleaton-Roberts, Professor Paul Coldwell and Eileen Cooper RA
2014       A5, Lubomirov-Easton, Platform Projects, Art Athina Art Fair, Athens, Greece – selected by Iavor Lubomirov and Bella Easton
2013        Leeds Light Night, Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, UK
2013        APT Open Studios collaborative project, APT Gallery and Studios, London, UK
2013       Bainbridge Open, Embassy Tea Gallery, London, UK – selected by Francis Tinsley RE and Oona Grimes
2013       The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, ArtLacuna, London, UK
2013       Synesthesia, Darnley Gallery, London, UK – selected by Gabrielle Cooper, Leap Into the Void Arts
2012       Deptford X, Deptford Rail Station, London, UK – curated by Matthew Cooper
2011       Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2011, Clifford Chance Gallery, London, UK – selected by Nigel Frank and Jane Hindley
2011       Print & Design Now! 2011, SW1 Gallery and BEARSPACE, London, UK – selected by Julia Alvarez, Owen Ward and Mary-Alice Stack
2011       MA Degree Show, Wimbledon School of Art - University of the Arts, London, UK
2011       Students, Patients, Paupers, St Philips (London School of Economics), London, UK
2011       Fly Tipping, The Centre for Drawing, London, UK – curated by Raf Zawistowski
2011       Unexpected/Unexplored, Acquire Arts, London, UK
2011       Futura Oblique, The Nunnery Gallery, London, UK – curated by Julia Alvarez
2010       Salad, Wimbledon College of Art, London, UK
2010       A Library of Mirrors, Bookartbookshop, London, UK
2008       Ex, Leeds College of Art & Design, Leeds, UK
2008       UWIC Printmakers, The Millennium Centre, Cardiff, UK
2008       UWIC Degree Show, Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff, UK
2008       Contemporary Printmaking, The Old Library, Cardiff, UK

2019       Mark Rothko Memorial Trust, bursary and residency at the Mark Rothko Foundation, Daugavpils, Latvia
2018       PADA, Barreiro, Lisbon, Portugal
2018       Griffin Gallery collaborative studio residency with Charley Peters, London, UK
2017       Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK
2016       The Art House, Wakefield, UK
2014       Beacons Music and Arts Festival, Yorkshire Dales, UK

2019    A Glimpse of the East, Watts Gallery Artists’ Village, Guildford, UK
2019    ITV Creates - Week 16, aired nationally on ITV Channel, UK
2019   Heal’s Tottenham Court Road as part of the ‘Designs that stick’ campaign, London, UK
2018    Twister for Haru Showroom, London, UK
2017     Natural Triangulations for Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre, London, UK
2016     Count the Hours for Prison Drawing Project, Scarborough, UK
2015     Outside Perspective for Bowery Gallery, Leeds, UK
2015     Sunrise Shuffle for Jealous Gallery Rooftop Mural Project, London, UK
2014     Parallax for Beacons Festival, West Yorkshire, UK
2013     Illumination III for Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, UK
2013     Shortlisted for Newnham College Kennedy Corridor Commission, Cambridge University, UK
2012     A Field of Light for Deptford Rail Station, London, UK

Paul Smith Ltd, London
Various private collections in Canada, France, Germany, Norway, UK and USA

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