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Image: Installation of ‘A Glimpse of the East’ at Watts Gallery Artists’ Village,

About Fiona Grady

Fiona Grady’s colourful and dynamic geometric artworks include architectural interventions that transform their setting. She utilises light, colour, shape, surface and scale to ensure each unique work is transformational and impactful. Her works metamorphise with the light of day, reflecting the passing of time, memory and experience to create ambient environments.

Born into a family of mathematicians she has always had a keen eye for balance using ratios of numbers, harmonious colours, and systematic approaches to intervene within a space. She refers to her artworks as giant jigsaw puzzles that employ repetition of forms to build a larger image, using each piece to create a whole picture that has an unconscious equilibrium within its surroundings.

Fiona has over 10 years’ experience in the arts with solo exhibitions at University of Brighton; Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff; and The Eye Sees, Arles, France. She has been commissioned worldwide by organisations and institutions including: Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Canary Wharf Group, ITV, Heals London, Walthamstow Wetlands Visitor Centre, British Land, Watts Gallery Artists’ Village, Kensington + Chelsea Art Week, NHS Nightingale Projects, and Kensington and Chelsea Council. She was awarded the Mark Rothko Memorial Trust Bursary and has received grants from Arts Council England amongst other organisations.

Her works are held in public and private collections across Europe, North America, and as far as New Zealand. Including Bagri Collection, Linklaters, Paul Smith Ltd, and the Tim Sayer Collection bequeathed to Hepworth, Wakefield.

She lives and works in London.

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